January 19 - New dates for spring 2019

The new workshops across Germany will start in the mid of January! Check Dates.

December 18 - Christmas song for ukulele ...

New sheet music of a classic as every year before Christmas on Enjoy & Merry Christmas!

November 18 - New ukulele from Ortega

The all solid (RUACA-TE) acacia tenor ukulele is one of my new instruments with a great sound!

October 18 - Let's Play Ukulele in Switzerland

Workshop dates in beautiful Switzerland again in November. See Dates.

September 18 - Telephone interview with Session Music Frankfurt

Thanks to Reinhard Schön for the Interview:

July 18 - Summer time = Time to relax

Have a nice summer and good rest!!


The waiting has come to an end ... In the summer again GUITAR TRAINING BLUES in a unique environment at the

March 18 - Live Interview at "VIP-Guitar"

Soon to see on Horst Keller's "VIP Guitar" YouTube channel. I am very happy and excited.

February 18 - Toccarion Baden-Baden

And again it was a great Let's play Ukulele workshop in the "incredible children's music world" of the Sigmund Kiener Foundation in the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden. Thanks to all participating children - you were great!

January 18 - ACOUSTIC MUSIC SCHOOL - Additional date in November 2018

Because of the big interest, a additional date, a weekend with "Let's Play Ukulele" from the 9 to 11 November 2018 is fixed. All on

December 17 - Time to breathe ...

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

November 17 - New Christmas tune for ukulele

Sheet music of a classic tune as every year before Christmas on

October 17 - Xmas special workshops ...

... during the Christmas season in December. See Dates.

September 17 - Ortega ukulele circle

New ukulele workshops – powered by ORTEGA. See Dates.

August 17 - A weekend full of Blues

After a long time dominated again by the Blues! GUITAR TRAINING BLUES at the Acoustic Music School.

July 17 - Instrumental lessons in Karlsruhe

After the summer break new groups for guitar and ukulele. Registration via Contact.

June 17 - New Workshop at Gitarre&Bass

New ukulele workshop in the magazine Gitarre&Bass issue 06/2017.

May 17 - "Toccarion" Baden-Baden

A successful LET’S PLAY UKULELE workshop in the "incredible children's music world of the Sigmund Kiener Foundation in the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden". The next workshop will take place in October 2017!

April 17 - New ukulele videos at Gitarre&Bass!

New video sequences about the ukulele finished. With every new Gitarre&Bass print article a video appears.

March 17 - New workshop series in the music magazine Gitarre&Bass!

In every second issue a new article on ukulele playing will be released. Article 1 is published on 17 March 2017 in issue 04/2017 of the magazine.

February 17 - New article at the “Badisches Tagblatt”

Big article at the front cover of “Badisches Tagblatt” from the 28.1.2017. Check

January 17 - "Inka" raffle

The "Inka" magazine raffles copies of the method Guitar Training Metal until mid of January 2017! Click here for the link:

December 16 - New promo trailer finished!

New promo trailer from "Musikverlag Hage" completed and now on YouTube!

November 16 - Newspaper article at “BNN”

New article from 5.11.2016 at the Badischen Neuesten Nachrichten. Check

October 16 - WOBLA competition

The „Wochenblatt“ raffles 5 new Guitar Training METAL books. More on

September 16 - New release of the guitar method "Guitar Training METAL"!

The waiting has it’s end - Guitar Training METAL is published! With 188 pages and more than 140 videos and MP3s, "Guitar Training METAL" is a modern method for self-study or for class. Available here at the Shop or at retail stores.

July 16 - New teaching classes!

Guitar and Ukulele lessons from August on in Karlsruhe! Contact and registration by mail "" or by phone +49 162 6355304.

June 16 - New appointments!

All new dates for fall 2016 will be published in July. See Dates.

May 16 - Workshop Tour Switzerland

Coming back soon workshop tour in Switzerland. I'm looking forward! See Dates.

April 16 - Touch of Blues

"Guitar Training" weekend workshop in mid-June at the


The new article at

February 16 - Let’s play ukulele goes Kita …

Let's play ukulele workshops now also at child care centers.

January 16 - Photo-exhibition GUITARS - CLASSIC ART SELECTION

Photographs on glass! New exhibition with Lukas Kaisler at the „Goldschmiede am Zirkel“ in Karlsruhe.

December 15 - Ukulele Xmas Special

In December Xmas workshop with Christmas songs at “Halle 101″ in Speyer. See Dates.

November 15 - “Musik Produktiv” fair

Ukulele workshops at the Musik Produktiv fair in Ibbenbüren – powered by ORTEGA.

October 15 - Video shoot for new guitar method

Video shoot now in October for the book-DVD of the forthcoming method GUITAR TRAINING METAL!

September 15 - A weekend full of Blues

After a long time dominated again by the Blues! GUITAR TRAINING BLUES at the Acoustic Music School.

July 15 - New dates in fall 2015

New workshop dates across Germany starting in September 2015! See Dates.


A few remaining places in “Heiligenmoschel” still free for the holiday workshops “Let’s play Ukulele” and “Guitar Training Blues”. See also

May 15 - Newspaper article at “BNN”

New article entitled “Meister am viersaitig hüpfenden Floh” at the “Badischen Neuesten Nachrichten”. Check

April 15 - CD production

CD recordings for the new upcoming guitar method completed!

March 15 - Ortega support

Great support from the company Meinl and Ortega in the field ukulele workshops.

February 15 - Guitar Training Metal

Book “Guitar Training Metal” at final stage! Stay tuned …

January 15 - Workshops 2015

Workshops scheduling for 2015 starts soon.

December 14 - New picture exhibition GUITARS – CLASSIC ART SELECTION

New glassprint picture exhibition at the Restaurant-Pub-Musicclub “Schnick Schnack” located in Rastatt/Niederbühl. See

November 14 - New Guitar method “Guitar Training Metal” turns up in summer 2015!

Release date for the new book “Guitar Training Metal” is set on summer 2015.

October 14 - “Guitar Training” workshops in Russia!

In Fall 2015 new “Guitar Training” workshops in the pretty south of Russia! More details about the workshops in Rostov-on-Don and beyond will be announced next year. Stay tuned…

September 14 - Brand-new: “Let’s play ukulele” goes incentive!

Let’s play ukulele workshops now as incentive events for companies available. An advanced firm named “Disy – The green software company” does the start up …

August 14 - Ukulele workshop tour summer 2014

Workshop tour through Germany from the end of August until mid of September. Check Dates.

July 14 - Successful holiday workshop premiere

Successful workshop weekend in a unique ambiance hosted by “Acoustic Music School”. New dates at the end of July 2015 are already set! See:

June 14 - Book “Let’s play Ukulele”

New edition of the ukulele method “Let’s play Ukulele” printed!

April 14 - New guitar method

New guitar method “Guitar Training Metal” in progress. Section “Hard” finished. Proposed release at the end of this year.

March 14 - Gitarre&Bass musicians magazine

Workshop column planned for Fall. More to come …

February 14 - Exhibition GUITARS – CLASSIC ART SELECTION

Glassprint pictures! Exhibition together with Lukas Kaisler at the shopping mall “Ettlinger Tor” located in Karlsruhe.

January 14 - ORTEGA Video devision new designed

New video columns “WORKSHOPS” and “ARTISTS & PRODUCTS” opened. “… the kick off is made by Ortega Ukulele artist DANIEL SCHUSTERBAUER who brings us with his refreshing nature closer to the UKULELE …”.

December 13 - Music workshops in 2014 with a good feel of holiday at “Acoustic Music School”

Weekends packed with music in a wonderful surrounding at the holiday spots in Germany and the Toskana region in Italy.

November 13 - “Gitarre & Bass” shirt giveaways

From now on, the most famous guitar magazine in Germany and beyond named “Gitarre & Bass” raffles at every “Let’s play Ukulele” workshop a cool T-shirt.

October 13 - Video workshops at

Once a week new online method for ukulele at

September 13 - Ortega giveaways

Lottery of soprano ukuleles at every workshop across the country sponsored by the Ortega company! This is awesome!

September 13 - Ortega workshop tour

Starting from September 2013, “Let’s play Ukulele” workshop tour powered by Ortega.

August 13 - New video workshop series soon online

Videoshooting finished for a new ukulele workshop series at the online magazine “” (Gitarre & Bass Magazine). 16 continuous episodes soon online at

July 13 - New dates in fall

New workshop dates for Germany, Austria and Switzerland in Fall 2013 scheduled. See Dates.

June 13 - Magazine review

“raumK” cultural magazine: Personal review in Print and Web released.

May 13 - New guitar method scheduling

The new electric guitar method “Guitar Training Metal” preliminary planning.

May 13 - Guitar Training workshops in South America!

Guitar Training Rock & Blues workshops in the end of May 2013 at the “Conservatorio Superior Nacional de Musica” and “Musicarte Quito Academias” in the capital of Ecuador, Quito.

April 13 - Ibanez Guitar Festival

In the mid of June Ukulele workshop at the Ibanez Guitar Festival located at the small bavarian town Gutenstetten.

March 13 - Workshop and Ukulele lottery

Ukulele workshop and lottery of a wonderful Ortega soprano Ukulele at the musicshop “Guitar Shark” in Speyer!

February 13 - New picture exhibition GUITARS – CLASSIC ART SELECTION

New glassprint picture exhibition at Restaurant Pflug located in Karlsruhe/Durlach. See

January 13 - Release of the brand new Ukulelemethod “Let’s Play Ukulele”!

With more than 170 pages and 2 CDs + DVD, this book comes as a Songbook and Ukulelemethod all in one. Available at this place or at your retail store.

December 12 - Picture exhibition GUITARS – CLASSIC ART SELECTION

New glassprint picture exhibition together with Lukas Kaisler at “Rathaus Eggenstein” from the 17. december 2012 until 1. february 2013. See also:

December 12 - Book Rhythm Guitar Pro

3. edition of the guitarmethod “Rhythm Guitar Pro” printed.

November 12 - “Guitar Training” workshops in Africa!

Various “Guitar Training Rock & Blues” workshops between the 22. to 28.11.2012 at Jazzamba School and many more in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba.

November 12 - Ukulele Workshop premiere

Ukulele Workshop premiere at Horst Kellers VIP Guitar on the 2 December 2012.

October 12 - Let’s play Ukulele

Video and recording session in Munich for new Ukulele method “Let’s play Ukulele” finished.

September 12 - Picture exhibition GUITARS – CLASSIC ART SELECTION

New glassprint picture exhibition together with Lukas Kaisler at the “Weingartner Musiktage 2012″. The picture series can be seen inside the greenhouse Staerk in Weingarten/Baden. See also:

July 12 - Ortega endorsement

New Ortega ukulele endorsement from Meinl Distribution.

June 12 - Workshop series

“6′s“ workshop series planned in fall at “Session Music”, Frankfurt.

May 12 - New product endorsements including videos in the summer ...

May 12 - New book

New ukulele method “Let’s play Ukulele” in preparation.

April 12 - New Guitar Training Blues + Rock workshops in various cities

See Dates.

April 12 - Pat Fritz Band

CD release gigs in May. See Dates.

February 12 - New guitar method “Guitar Training Blues“ published

In March, presentation of the new guitar method “Guitar Training Blues“ at the international “Musikmesse” in Frankfurt.

January 12 - Picture series with Lukas Kaisler

New glass printing picture series “GUITARS – CLASSIC ART SELECTION“! Series of 8 prints can be currently seen in the “Heilige Sophie” pub, Sophienstraße 35 – Karlsruhe.