News in 2023 - New workshop dates in spring!

New ukulele workshops for Germany/Austria/Switzerland already set. For details see Dates.

Spring 21 - COVID-19 and the workshops

The workshop planning will beginn as soon as the COVID-19 situation will be at a optimistic level. See you soon!

December 20 - Christmas tune for ukulele

Sheet music/tabs/video of a classic tune as every year before Christmas on facebook/LetsPlayUkuleleMitDanielSchusterbauer.


... also available as an edition with DVD (instead of QR code) here in the Shop!

November 20 - Corona and Ukulele workshops

For information on which workshop will take place due to the new Corona regulation, please contact the respective music store - Dates!

October 20 - BNN newspaper article about John Lennon's 80th birthday

Article from October 9th, 2020 in "Badische Neuesten Nachrichten":

August/September 20 - New workshop dates in fall 2020

The new dates for fall have been set! For details see Dates.

July 20 - Instructional book LET'S PLAY UKULELE now with QR codes

In addition to the 2 CDs, the current issue of LET'S PLAY UKULELE is now equipped with a QR code function. All videos and exercises can be accessed quickly and easily on a smartphone or tablet using QR codes.

June 20 - Workshops

The first workshops after Corona start again this month. See Dates or facebook/LetsPlayUkuleleMitDanielSchusterbauer.

March/April/May 20 - Corona versus ukulele

The planned workshops will be canceled until further notice! The dates not initially affected can be found under Dates.

March 20 - Spring discount campaign - Let's Play Ukulele instructional book + workshop

Because of the positive feedback in 2019, one more discount campaign this year at spring. Let's Play Ukulele instructional book + workshop, the set 10 euros reduced for 46.90 euros. Here how it's done:
1) Choose your convenient workshop date here.
2) Send a quick email to with the following information:
a) Selected Let's Play Ukulele workshop date with name of the music shop;
b) Delivery address where the instructional book Let's Play Ukulele should be sent to.
3) After the order has been completed by email, the instructional book will be sent free of delivery charge to the desired address and the workshop registration will be reserved for the corresponding date and music shop. Have fun choosing!

February 20 - New project in spring 2021

After a long time, a new project will be completed in spring 2021. I am looking forward and will come with more information later on ...

January 20 - New picture exhibition: GUITARS - CLASSIC ART SELECTION

New picture exhibition together with Lukas Kaisler at the Ludwigsplatz Karlsruhe. The glassprint series will be exhibited in the ARTINO GALERIE CAFE from March 16 to May 11, 2020. More about the project on WWW.CLASSIC-ART-SELECTION.COM. The exhibition is delayed! The new date will be announced.

December 19 - New Christmas song arranged for ukulele

Like every December at the end of the year a Christmas song in chord melody style for ukulele with notation/tabs/chords and video free on facebook/LetsPlayUkuleleMitDanielSchusterbauer. Have fun with it and happy holidays!

November 19 - Let's Play Ukulele 2020

The new Let's Play Ukulele workshop dates for 2020 will be released in the middle of December.

October 19 - Xmas Special workshops

In November and December various Xmas Special workshops for ukulele. See Dates.

September 19 - Leho Endorsement

New ukulele endorsement with LEHO starts in September 2019. Me and Musik Wein are happy and excited!

July 19 - Weekend workshop in fall 2019 - ACOUSTIC MUSIC SCHOOL

3 more places left in October for "Let's Play Ukulele". Further information:

June 19 - New price "RHYTHM GUITAR PRO"

A price adjustment for the benefit of readers: from June 27 2019, the new price of 19.90 euros applies to the method RHYTHM GUITAR PRO instead of 24.95 euros. Available at retailers and here in the Shop.

May 19 - The Empire State Building Run-Up

Variety makes me feel good. Thank you New York for this unforgettable sports event this May:

April 19 - Let's Play Ukulele - Bestseller # 1

Let's Play Ukulele is still the best-selling method for ukulele in German-speaking countries, which makes me very happy! Available also here in my Shop... April discount promotion! Let's Play Ukulele Book + Workshop with 10,- Euros reduced: Find the appropriate date here and send a quick mail to "" with the desired workshop date and your delivery address. The book will then be sent and the workshop registration will be reserved for the corresponding date.

March 19 - New projects in 2019

Two new projects are in the planning. Stay tuned ...

February 19 - New article at SÜDWEST PRESSE

Review of the ukulele workshop at Musikhaus Reisser located in Ulm:

January 19 - New dates for spring 2019

The new workshops across Germany will start in the mid of January! Check Dates.

December 18 - Christmas song for ukulele ...

New sheet music of a classic as every year before Christmas on Enjoy & Merry Christmas!

October 18 - Let's Play Ukulele in Switzerland

Workshop dates in beautiful Switzerland again in November. See Dates.

September 18 - Telephone interview with Session Music Frankfurt

Thanks to Reinhard Schön for the Interview:

July 18 - Summer time = Time to relax

Have a nice summer and good rest!!


The waiting has come to an end ... In the summer again GUITAR TRAINING BLUES in a unique environment at the

February 18 - Toccarion Baden-Baden

And again it was a great Let's play Ukulele workshop in the "incredible children's music world" of the Sigmund Kiener Foundation in the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden. Thanks to all participating children - you were great!

January 18 - ACOUSTIC MUSIC SCHOOL - Additional date in November 2018

Because of the big interest, a additional date, a weekend with "Let's Play Ukulele" from the 9 to 11 November 2018 is fixed. All on

December 17 - Time to breathe ...

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

November 17 - New Christmas tune for ukulele

Sheet music of a classic tune as every year before Christmas on

October 17 - Xmas special workshops ...

... during the Christmas season in December. See Dates.

September 17 - Ortega ukulele circle

New ukulele workshops – powered by ORTEGA. See Dates.

August 17 - A weekend full of Blues

After a long time dominated again by the Blues! GUITAR TRAINING BLUES at the Acoustic Music School.

July 17 - Instrumental lessons in Karlsruhe

After the summer break new groups for guitar and ukulele. Registration via Contact.

June 17 - New Workshop at Gitarre&Bass

New ukulele workshop in the magazine Gitarre&Bass issue 06/2017.

May 17 - "Toccarion" Baden-Baden

A successful LET’S PLAY UKULELE workshop in the "incredible children's music world of the Sigmund Kiener Foundation in the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden". The next workshop will take place in October 2017!

April 17 - New ukulele videos at Gitarre&Bass!

New video sequences about the ukulele finished. With every new Gitarre&Bass print article a video appears.

March 17 - New workshop series in the music magazine Gitarre&Bass!

In every second issue a new article on ukulele playing will be released. Article 1 is published on 17 March 2017 in issue 04/2017 of the magazine.

February 17 - New article at the “Badisches Tagblatt”

Big article at the front cover of “Badisches Tagblatt” from the 28.1.2017. Check

January 17 - "Inka" raffle

The "Inka" magazine raffles copies of the method Guitar Training Metal until mid of January 2017! Click here for the link:

December 16 - New promo trailer finished!

New promo trailer from "Musikverlag Hage" completed and now on YouTube!

November 16 - Newspaper article at “BNN”

New article from 5.11.2016 at the Badischen Neuesten Nachrichten. Check

October 16 - WOBLA competition

The „Wochenblatt“ raffles 5 new Guitar Training METAL books. More on

September 16 - New release of the guitar method "Guitar Training METAL"!

The waiting has it’s end - Guitar Training METAL is published! With 188 pages and more than 140 videos and MP3s, "Guitar Training METAL" is a modern method for self-study or for class. Available here at the Shop or at retail stores.

July 16 - New teaching classes!

Guitar and Ukulele lessons from August on in Karlsruhe! Contact and registration by mail "" or by phone +49 162 6355304.

June 16 - New appointments!

All new dates for fall 2016 will be published in July. See Dates.

May 16 - Workshop Tour Switzerland

Coming back soon workshop tour in Switzerland. I'm looking forward! See Dates.

April 16 - Touch of Blues

"Guitar Training" weekend workshop in mid-June at the


The new article at

February 16 - Let’s play ukulele goes Kita …

Let's play ukulele workshops now also at child care centers.

January 16 - Photo-exhibition GUITARS - CLASSIC ART SELECTION

Photographs on glass! New exhibition with Lukas Kaisler at the „Goldschmiede am Zirkel“ in Karlsruhe.

December 15 - Ukulele Xmas Special

In December Xmas workshop with Christmas songs at “Halle 101″ in Speyer. See Dates.

November 15 - “Musik Produktiv” fair

Ukulele workshops at the Musik Produktiv fair in Ibbenbüren – powered by ORTEGA.

October 15 - Video shoot for new guitar method

Video shoot now in October for the book-DVD of the forthcoming method GUITAR TRAINING METAL!

September 15 - A weekend full of Blues

After a long time dominated again by the Blues! GUITAR TRAINING BLUES at the Acoustic Music School.

July 15 - New dates in fall 2015

New workshop dates across Germany starting in September 2015! See Dates.


A few remaining places in “Heiligenmoschel” still free for the holiday workshops “Let’s play Ukulele” and “Guitar Training Blues”. See also

May 15 - Newspaper article at “BNN”

New article entitled “Meister am viersaitig hüpfenden Floh” at the “Badischen Neuesten Nachrichten”. Check

April 15 - CD production

CD recordings for the new upcoming guitar method completed!

March 15 - Ortega support

Great support from the company Meinl and Ortega in the field ukulele workshops.

February 15 - Guitar Training Metal

Book “Guitar Training Metal” at final stage! Stay tuned …

January 15 - Workshops 2015

Workshops scheduling for 2015 starts soon.

December 14 - New picture exhibition GUITARS – CLASSIC ART SELECTION

New glassprint picture exhibition at the Restaurant-Pub-Musicclub “Schnick Schnack” located in Rastatt/Niederbühl. See

November 14 - New Guitar method “Guitar Training Metal” turns up in summer 2015!

Release date for the new book “Guitar Training Metal” is set on summer 2015.

October 14 - “Guitar Training” workshops in Russia!

In Fall 2015 new “Guitar Training” workshops in the pretty south of Russia! More details about the workshops in Rostov-on-Don and beyond will be announced next year. Stay tuned…

September 14 - Brand-new: “Let’s play ukulele” goes incentive!

Let’s play ukulele workshops now as incentive events for companies available. An advanced firm named “Disy – The green software company” does the start up …

August 14 - Ukulele workshop tour summer 2014

Workshop tour through Germany from the end of August until mid of September. Check Dates.

July 14 - Successful holiday workshop premiere

Successful workshop weekend in a unique ambiance hosted by “Acoustic Music School”. New dates at the end of July 2015 are already set! See:

June 14 - Book “Let’s play Ukulele”

New edition of the ukulele method “Let’s play Ukulele” printed!

April 14 - New guitar method

New guitar method “Guitar Training Metal” in progress. Section “Hard” finished. Proposed release at the end of this year.

March 14 - Gitarre&Bass musicians magazine

Workshop column planned for Fall. More to come …

February 14 - Exhibition GUITARS – CLASSIC ART SELECTION

Glassprint pictures! Exhibition together with Lukas Kaisler at the shopping mall “Ettlinger Tor” located in Karlsruhe.

January 14 - ORTEGA Video devision new designed

New video columns “WORKSHOPS” and “ARTISTS & PRODUCTS” opened. “… the kick off is made by Ortega Ukulele artist DANIEL SCHUSTERBAUER who brings us with his refreshing nature closer to the UKULELE …”.

December 13 - Music workshops in 2014 with a good feel of holiday at “Acoustic Music School”

Weekends packed with music in a wonderful surrounding at the holiday spots in Germany and the Toskana region in Italy.

November 13 - “Gitarre & Bass” shirt giveaways

From now on, the most famous guitar magazine in Germany and beyond named “Gitarre & Bass” raffles at every “Let’s play Ukulele” workshop a cool T-shirt.

October 13 - Video workshops at

Once a week new online method for ukulele at

September 13 - Ortega giveaways

Lottery of soprano ukuleles at every workshop across the country sponsored by the Ortega company! This is awesome!

September 13 - Ortega workshop tour

Starting from September 2013, “Let’s play Ukulele” workshop tour powered by Ortega.

August 13 - New video workshop series soon online

Videoshooting finished for a new ukulele workshop series at the online magazine “” (Gitarre & Bass Magazine). 16 continuous episodes soon online at

July 13 - New dates in fall

New workshop dates for Germany, Austria and Switzerland in Fall 2013 scheduled. See Dates.

June 13 - Magazine review

“raumK” cultural magazine: Personal review in Print and Web released.

May 13 - New guitar method scheduling

The new electric guitar method “Guitar Training Metal” preliminary planning.

May 13 - Guitar Training workshops in South America!

Guitar Training Rock & Blues workshops in the end of May 2013 at the “Conservatorio Superior Nacional de Musica” and “Musicarte Quito Academias” in the capital of Ecuador, Quito.

April 13 - Ibanez Guitar Festival

In the mid of June Ukulele workshop at the Ibanez Guitar Festival located at the small bavarian town Gutenstetten.

March 13 - Workshop and Ukulele lottery

Ukulele workshop and lottery of a wonderful Ortega soprano Ukulele at the musicshop “Guitar Shark” in Speyer!

February 13 - New picture exhibition GUITARS – CLASSIC ART SELECTION

New glassprint picture exhibition at Restaurant Pflug located in Karlsruhe/Durlach. See

January 13 - Release of the brand new Ukulelemethod “Let’s Play Ukulele”!

With more than 170 pages and 2 CDs + DVD, this book comes as a Songbook and Ukulelemethod all in one. Available at this place or at your retail store.

December 12 - Picture exhibition GUITARS – CLASSIC ART SELECTION

New glassprint picture exhibition together with Lukas Kaisler at “Rathaus Eggenstein” from the 17. december 2012 until 1. february 2013. See also:

December 12 - Book Rhythm Guitar Pro

3. edition of the guitarmethod “Rhythm Guitar Pro” printed.

November 12 - “Guitar Training” workshops in Africa!

Various “Guitar Training Rock & Blues” workshops between the 22. to 28.11.2012 at Jazzamba School and many more in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba.

November 12 - Ukulele Workshop premiere

Ukulele Workshop premiere at Horst Kellers VIP Guitar on the 2 December 2012.

October 12 - Let’s play Ukulele

Video and recording session in Munich for new Ukulele method “Let’s play Ukulele” finished.

September 12 - Picture exhibition GUITARS – CLASSIC ART SELECTION

New glassprint picture exhibition together with Lukas Kaisler at the “Weingartner Musiktage 2012″. The picture series can be seen inside the greenhouse Staerk in Weingarten/Baden. See also:

July 12 - Ortega endorsement

New Ortega ukulele endorsement from Meinl Distribution.

June 12 - Workshop series

“6′s“ workshop series planned in fall at “Session Music”, Frankfurt.

May 12 - New product endorsements including videos in the summer ...

May 12 - New book

New ukulele method “Let’s play Ukulele” in preparation.

April 12 - New Guitar Training Blues + Rock workshops in various cities

See Dates.

April 12 - Pat Fritz Band

CD release gigs in May. See Dates.

February 12 - New guitar method “Guitar Training Blues“ published

In March, presentation of the new guitar method “Guitar Training Blues“ at the international “Musikmesse” in Frankfurt.

January 12 - Picture series with Lukas Kaisler

New glass printing picture series “GUITARS – CLASSIC ART SELECTION“! Series of 8 prints can be currently seen in the “Heilige Sophie” pub, Sophienstraße 35 – Karlsruhe.